Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Orange Line Train Mega Project Hurdles !!!

Amber Shamsi, a renowned activist and journalist joined Doctor Pirzada to comment on the Court verdict against the Orange Line metro train project in Lahore. The verdict has forbidden the government to pursue the project as it is affecting the city’s heritage sites.
Miss Shamsi said that the basic issue is of inheritance. 9 million people own these heritage sites. She says although the orange line project would prove beneficial for the wider benefit, the route plan is damaging the heritage sites and that is a cost that cannot be borne.
Miss Shamsi also said that the government has taken a soft loan off a chinese bank for the project. She said that gradually the cost of the project has also increased, adding another reason for the project to be opposed. The court verdict, the analyst pointed out, is that the train line is supposed to be at least 200 feet away from the heritage sites.