Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Overall discussion on current politics with Analyst Hassan Nisar.

In the last part on Friday, Dr. Moeed Pirzada discussed overall political situation on Panama Papers with renowned analyst and critic of PML(N) government Mr. Hassan Nisar.He said that government wants to fire from judiciary’s shoulder, Supreme court denied terms of “Chatar Chalaq” clever people. They have been using these tactics in 80s and 90s. But now it seems that this drama serial is going to end although government tried for damage control prior to Panama leaks. He further said that from whom opposition is trying to get answers. By not answering the simple questions, it is obvious and understood that he doesn’t have any answer.Dr. Pirzada inquired that about the dynamics of PPP and whether it is trying to bail out PM Nawaz Sharif? Mr. Hassan Nisar responded that PPP is a myth and there are only two political realities existing right now which are PTI and PML(N). In response to Dr. Pirzada’s question that is there any transition possible in PML(N) leadership, Mr. Hassan Nisar said that it is a turning point but there could be any possibility in coming days.