Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Prime Minister Under Pressure Due to Panamagate !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada explains in detail two important developments on the issue of PM Nawaz Sharif’s son’s names in Panamagate for owning offshore companies and properties. One of the important developments was chief justice refusal to constitute the Judicial Commission on the basis of Terms of references proposed by Government. Earlier due to pressure from opposition Government had requested Supreme Court through a letter with Terms of References to investigate Panama papers scandal.

The basic reasons given by Supreme Court for not forming inquiry commission for panama papers scandal were that Apex Court thinks Terms of References given by government were two broad and commission formed wouldn’t be strong enough as Government requested it to be constituted under inquiry act 1956. Another reason given in letter to the government was that as Terms of references are too broad, it could take years to investigate; also new act would be required to formulate that judicial commission. Dr Moeed Pirzada also explained that in his blogs he had also expressed similar views that commission should be restricted to investigate about only those politicians whose names appeared in panama papers otherwise it would be waste of time and public funds.

Dr Pirzada discussed in detail the other important development which was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif postponed his visit to the parliament from Friday 13th May 2016 to Monday 16th May 2016. Opposition demanded that Prime minister should give replies to their seven questions regarding Prime minister’s children name in panama papers. Dr Moeed Pirzada explained with sound clips of PM Nawaz sharif that how his tone changed from very confident in Bannu KPK province address to public to shaky and worried on his way back to Pakistan from Tajikistan, while talking to Journalist he said that he is not answerable to opposition on their questionnaire regarding panama paper scandal PM Nawaz sharif showed his eagerness for the judicial commission formation. Again Dr Pirzada gave reference of his blog on 27th April 2016 in which it was explained that PM Nawaz Sharif was desperate to form judicial commission so that his name gets cleared from the corruption scandal.