Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Panama Leaks & PM Nawaz Sharif !!!

DR. Moeed Pirzada in this segment raises some very basic questions for the government. He wondered why Nawaz Govt keeps crying against private media channels? Government has total control on Pakistan’s largest TV network; Pakistan Television, Ptv, which is the only tv in Pakistan with annual revenues of 7-8 Billion Rupees, because of license fee; Government these days also is aligned with another large TV channel which is now considered Ptv-2 by public, and with a large English paper which has assumed the role of erstwhile ‘Pakistan Times’; and a large Urdu paper which now reminds public of ‘Press Trust of Pakistan ¬†papers like Amrooz. Why then ¬†government keeps on protesting against private media in a way that amounts to brow beat them into submission? Why government needs to control few remaining channels of the private media when it has huge section of media under its control?

Pirzada played a video clip of Dunya News of 21st April, when he was commenting on Dunya News, and suddenly the tapping device by some government agency went berserk, with sounds of ‘auto-rewind’ becoming visible and audible showing how his phone was being recorded. These sounds were fortunately recorded by Dunya News. But does ‘evidence’ matters in a country like Pakistan where all authority is brutally vested in few hands?

Pirzada in this program analyzed how ‘Panama Papers Leaks’ have transformed Pakistani politics setting a bizarre and colorful circus in motion; how PPP leaders went to Sheikh Rasheed’s Lal Haveli, how Sheikh met ‘Bilawal Bhutto’ and how both conveniently forgot the awkward insidious comments Sheikh had been making presumably about the other. Pirzada also showed clips to prove that how a Doctor in London miraculously cured Nawaz Sharif first for shopping and now for his hectic political campaign across all of Pakistan. He concluded, by arguing with the help of videos and audios, that Nawaz Sharif is a street smart politician who has cleverly trapped Imran Khan into a ‘Supreme Court Commission’ – a Commission that will only provide relief to Nawaz Sharif; who desperately needs to clear his name.