Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Panama Papers & Moral Values !!!

Mr.Fawad Chaudhry,  noted analyst, anchor and making rounds as a Panama Leaks Specialist, joined Dr.Moeed Pirzada in the studio for a special break down analysis on the whole affair.
Mr.Chaudhry, commenting on the stance of JUI said that the KPK wing of JUI stands with Imran Khan, but the lahore wing of JUI doesn’t want to lose PML (n) Support, as it is vital for them in these constituencies. Similarly, Peoples Party in Punjab stands with Imran Khan on his stance, asking for an extensive probe, which their Sindh faction does not seem to be much enthusiastic about. There is an intra party and inter party disparity that can be observed throughout the Pakistani political spectrum
Mr. Chaudhry commented that these disparities are the depiction of the dysfunctionality of the Democratic wheels.
The anchor also shed light on the unprofessional attitudes of the establishment, the accused and the multiple nooks and crannies of this fiasco that does not seem to be coming to a logical and fair end, anytime soon.