Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Rauf Kalasra On Panama Leaks !!!


In this segment Dr. Pirzada with his guest Mr. Rauf Kalasra, renowned analyst, discussed the updated situation on Panama Papers and positions of political parties on it. Mr Kalasra said that PM Nawaz Sharif has played his cards very intelligently by announcing Judicial Commission. Its formation has already gone late due to the dispute among opposition and government on its TORs. It was also pointed out that such commissions have always bailed out Nawaz Sharif previously.

Mr. Kalasra also said that the impression is being given by the government that media trail has started against Sharif family, whereas whole Sharif family themselves have given their interviews to various media channels or newspapers regarding same matter. And surprisingly they all have difference in their point of views.

Dr. Pirzada asked that what could be the best solution for this government. Mr. Kalasra suggested Mr. Shoaib Suddel or Mr. Tariq Khosa could be the best choice for Investigative Commission on Panama. Nawaz Sharif chould have gain more respect if he had resigned on moral bases. He also said that it seems difficult for Nawaz’s family to be in power again in future.


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