Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: PPP strategy on Panama Leaks Issue !!!

PPP strategy on Panama Leaks Issue..
Dr Moeed Pirzada talks to opposition leader in Senate Ch Aitzaz Ahsan on PPP strategy to act as Government’s opposition on issue of Panama Leaks.
Aitazaz Ahsan strongly suggests that Nawaz Sharif should give his clarification on how tge properties were bought in London, was the money transferred from Pakistan. If yes then what banking channel was used etc. Aitazaz ahsan also pointed out that Establishment is also keeping soft corner for government. He said that during ppp era on Memo Scandle Nawaz Sharif went to supreme court and commission on Memogate was created within  fifteen minutes.
Aitazaz Ahsan didnt tell about their future stategy in case Prime Minister and his family comes out clear from Panama Scandle.