Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Raiwind march and the angry analyst!

Leading with a very general query, Doctor Moeed Pirzada asked the prominent analyst and commentator Mr. Hassan Nisar about his public image, that is of a very angry and ferocious demeanor. Mr. Nisar cleared the air on that by saying that it was the state of affairs, the absolute shambles that the country was in that made him angry, otherwise he was a very cool-headed and caring person.

With that out of the way, Mr. Nisar said it was in Mr. Imran Khan’s interest to go solo on the Raiwind march. He said that Imran Khan was a revolutionary that will go down in history as the man who never gave up. Mr. Nisar said that the fact that Imran Khan was still taking up the Panama issue was extremely commendable.

Mr. Nisar said that he did not want the purpose of all this to be the downfall of Mr.Nawaz Sharif’s government, he said that this was never the intent of his opposition. He said that the whole movement should have a permanent impact. It should change the flawed system, weed out corruption, fix the ills of the infrastructure.