Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Saleem Shehzad and Altaf Hussein are partners in crime!


Nabeel Gabol Addressing the hyped arrest of the homecoming Muttehida Qaumi Movement leader Saleem Shehzad at Tonight With Moeed Pirzada, senior politician Nabeel Gabol said that Saleem Shehzad and Altaf Hussein were birds of the same flock. He said that Saleem Shehzad will most probably join Farooq Sattar after comong out of prison. He also revealed that General Musharraf had asked Mustafa Kamal to join Farooq Sattar and Ishrat Ul Ibad. The senior politician also said that General Musharraf is more inclined towards Farooq Sattar in all of the MQM factions. Regarding Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf he said that PTI could not cash in the downfall of MQM in Karachi.


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