Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: US approach to Pakistan !

Indian’s maneuvering Dr Moeed Pirzada explained that the democracy is not only name of winning elections, not a single person or state institutions have any special power over another. Polarity of power is the beauty in the United States democracy. Since the US President Donald Trump’s executive order of ban on seven Muslim states, many American media channels, civil societies, courts and more than 15 states have independently criticized the Trump’s ban order. More than 100 companies including facebook, apple, amazon, etc have also opposed immigration ban. There is not a feeling of fear in United States if they speak against the President’s policies. Another issue Dr Pirzada discussed was the report published by former Ambassador of Pakistan in United States Hussain Haqqani at Hudson institute with the title “A News US approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions Without Cutting Ties”. Many Indian papers have published on this report but the matter is that Pakistan’s newspapers have also reported on it as it is. No one has checked whether the other institutions named in it have contributed in it or it was done by only Hussain Haqqani. Since the Memogate scandal he is staying in United States. It’s our responsibility to watch and understand the narrative shaping by such reports, whose interests it serves.