Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Shaheen Sehbai on Panama Issue !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada talks to Senior Journalist Shaheen Sehbai on issue of Panama leaks for which government had announced constituting judicial commission but there was a deadlock on terms of reference for the commission. Shaheen Sehbai said that issue of panama leaks investigations doesn’t seem to move forward and Government is playing games on the issue. But government is still under threat due to this scandal. According to Mr Sehbai government was trying to give political angle to the death coordinator of MQM Leader Farooq sattar in custody of rangers in Karachi. In his article nawaz grand strategy as discussed in segmet Nawaz Sharif was trying to buy time and split opposition and even army to settle panama leaks issue. It was also agreed by Dr Pirzada and Shaheen sehbai that Pakistan tehrek insaf chairman Imran Khan seemed to be trapped in demand for judicial commission to inquire panama leaks issue.