Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Panama Leaks investigation..Is Government serious?

In this segment Dr Moeed Pirzada discusses Panama Papers Scandal and its impact on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with Renowned investigative journalist, analyst and columnist Rauf Klasra. Rauf Klasra was of the view that once a person enters in parliament he shouldn’t be allowed to run his own business due to conflict of interest. He said 50% to 60% of parliamentarians are having their businesses including sugar mills and textile mills. According to Mr klasra PM should have stepped down and brought forward someone else from his party to become PM after accusations of off shore companies owned by his sons. He said that PM is not an ordinary man so he should have moral grounds to run the government and once he is in serious scandal in panama leaks, he should have resigned.Otherwise PM could could be blackmailed by other politicians or even establishment.Mr Klasra said that instead of blackmailing opposition government should give its clarification otherwise PM Nawaz himself will become biggest threat to Democracy. NAB, FIA and FBR are under government influence and not taking any action on such a big scandal.