Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Significance of London !!!

Dr. Pirzada in the first part of show elaborated the significance of London, in the history of Europe where people of every field of life live freely. London has chosen Sadiq Khan its Mayor, who is first Muslim and Pakistani origin Mayor of London, who is son of bus driver. Dr. Pirzada also explained the beauty of democracy where powers of London’s Mayor are more than the Prime Minister who control the police, health, education, transportation services and the development of London. While in Pakistan, democratic government deliberately dissolved the local government system in 2008. Dr. Pirzada further stated that American President’s income and taxes were made public by the White house. He wrote in his recent blog “America’s Poor President & Pakistan’s Rich Rent Seeker”, in Pakistan various official annual income or hick-backs would be more than Obama’s $435,000 annual income. Just day before, NAB raided finance secretary of Balochistan Mushtaq Raisani from where 60 to 70 crore cash was recovered. Today Prime Minister had a meeting with its ally parties to seek support on the ToRs of judicial commission on Panama papers. All opposition parties are worried about Pakistan on the issue of corruption and Panama leaks while Maulana Fazalur Rehman and Prime Minister feel threat for the democracy. Dr. Pirzada also stated that along with the declared allies of Prime Minister there are some opposition parties who with their interests get attached with government as an undeclared ally which are PPP, MQM, ANP and QWP.