Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Sharif Family in Supreme Courts

Panama, Panama: The Anchor, The Attorney and Sharmila Farooqi!
Doctor Moeed Pirzada was joined by anchor person and commentator Arshad Sharif, Pakistan Peoples Party Leader Sharmila Farooqi and Ex – attorney General of Pakistan Irfan Qadir.
The discussion comprised of the Panama reference case against the Sharif Family in the Supreme Court, technical aspects of the case were discussed with the Ex- Attorney General. He also said that not only politicians, but Members of the Judiciary also have off shore assets.
Miss Sharmila Farooqi defended her party’s slow withdrawal by saying that this impression was completely false and the PPP has a firm stance on matters that require it. She said that in a true democratic system, all matters should be settled in the Parliament.
Mr.Arshad Sharif referred to the Supreme Court attack when Mr.Nawaz Sharif was summoned to the court, he said that Mr.Sharif was only summoned to the court once and the Supreme Court was attacked by his party workers.