Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Surgical Strike: Another India’s False Flag Operation

India’s false flag operation claimed on 29th by Indian DGMO was without any details, except that it was done in seven sectors of Azad Kashmir. Later Indian media revealed the details of surgical strike in which choppers were used and were conducted 3 to 5 KM inside Pakistani territory.
Whereas on the other side, DG-ISPR today took the local and international media to LoC. He briefed the media, saying that Pakistan has never restricted media or UN observers, while India has never let media or UN missions to go beyond Delhi.
Dr. Pirzada further said that earlier in a private meeting with foreign diplomats and international media correspondence, they asked him not to replay on DG-ISPR’s briefing. Therefore, Dr. Pirzda interacted with various locals of LoC area who witnesses the daily cross boarder firing, but there was not any such incidence which Indians claim.
Dr. Pirzada said that Indians have already praised Modi by declaring him great leader than Indra Ghandhi. He is moving toward the wrong direction.