Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Sunjay Kumar Perspective on LOC surgical Strikes !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada is joined by Sanjay Kumar, an Indian journalist who writes regularly for Pakistani English newspapers Dawn and Express Tribune. Sanjay kumar is strong critique of his country’s Modi regime. In recent piece in Dawn News “Modi has become a prisoner of his own image” Sanjay Kumar’s mentioned that Despite Pakistani meddling in Kashmir, India cannot sweep the Kashmir issue under the rug of terrorism. While talking to Dr Pirzada Sanjay Kumar described in detail the reasons why he opposes Modi ideology. He was of the view that Modi has strong belonging with extreme hindu right wing party RSS. Sanjay also said that Modi’s extremist policies in Kashmir will not help him to get popular majority in coming Elections of some states on India. He said that level of insecurities among minorities in India reached to highest level since past 70 years.