Dr Moeed Pirzada talks to two prominent analysts on afghan issues Imtiaz Gul and Rustam Shah Mehmand. Topic under discussion is what US is looking for after killing of Taliban Ameer Mulla Akhtar Mansoor in a drone strike near Pakistan Afghanistan border. Ex Ambassador Rustam Shah Mehmand said that although US made statement that Mulla Akhtar Mansoor was interrupting afghan peace process but in fact Mulla Akhtar mansoor was supporting peace dialogues. Rustam Shah Mehmand said that Mulla Akhtar Mansoor initiated peace process and for that purpose he either himself made trips to four countries or sent his representatives to countries like china, Qatar, Russia for that purpose. Imtiaz Gul was of the view that US doesn’t want to proceed with peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. He said name of Mulla akhtar mansoor was not even in the terrorists list of US so his killing will definitely bring a halt to peace dialogues. Rustam Shah Mehmand said that it is not the first time that US sabotaged peace dialogues, it happened in the past when dialogues of Pakistan government with TTP leadership also suffered due to dama dola in bajour agency drone attack .Rustam Shah Mehmand said that US wants to justify its presence in Afghanistan. US also want to keep an eye on Pakistan being a nuclear power, and it wants to curtail china in this region as well.
Dr Pirzada also highlighted through US based data that number of US troops in Afghanistan killed in 2015 and 2016 is far less then it was in 2006 till 2013. So it was false excuses by US to kill Mulla Mnasoor that Afghan Taliban are attacking US soldiers in Afghanistan. Imtiaz Gul said during discussion that India, Afghanistan and Iran want to give an impression to the world that Afghan Taliban leadership easily travels to Pakistan.