Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: What is India trying to prove ? How Pakistan should respond.

Former Envoy and Ambassador to United Nations Muneer Akram joined Dr Moeed Pirzada, to analyze the weaknesses in Pakistan’s current foreign policy and the incompetence of the incumbent government. He termed Indian recent aggression, on the line of control as a posture to put pressure on Pakistan and to diminish, the projection of atrocities by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.
The government, so far is lacking in formulating coherent strategy to counter the Indian narrative on international diplomatic front.
‘Pakistan should not concede to Indian pressure he said, as some of the Pseudo liberals with in the country are of the view that Pakistan should concede to some of the demands from the Indian establishment. The entire Agenda of the Indian government is to submit Pakistan and build and maintain its hegemony in the region’, he said.