Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive talk with Dr. Tahir ul Qadri !

In an Exclusive interview with Doctor Moeed Pirzada, the Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Doctor Tahir Ul Qadri said that the Indian government has been trying it’s best to save Nawaz Sharif’s post and his interests. India, he said, has been continually provoking Pakistan at the border because India has been reassured that the Pakistani government will not retaliate.
“Narendra Modi is content with Nawaz Sharif. He knows that Nawaz Sharif’s government will not move or retaliate, however much they are provoke and abused. The state of India has invested a lot in Nawaz Sharif four years prior to the general elections and they have strived a lot for Nawaz Sharif’s survival as Prime Minister”
The Religious Scholar and Politician said that the ruling party will get a clean chit out of this whole affair.
“The PML 👎 might get a clean chit from the Supreme Court on the Panama scandal. With the next general elections so near, the current ruling party might use this to favor them in the next elections as a campaign pointer, declaring themselves free of all charges in front of crowds”
Responding to a question about his relations with Imran khan, Dr. Qadri said that the feud was a mere speculation.
“I don’t know what feud is there. That is a speculation. I condemned the calling off of the 2nd November Dharna , that was all the comment I had to offer. People will realize once the corrupt have been cleansed of their charges. Imran Khan and I have always supported each other’s cause and I don’t know what the problem is”.