Dr Moeed Pirzada in this segment explains in detail two important issues. First one was related to date 28th May when Pakistan first Islamic country to test its nuclear program on 28th May 1998. Program went on-air on 18th Anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests. On May 28, 1998 Pakistan announced that it had successfully conducted five nuclear tests. Dr Pirzada said that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program was established in 1972 by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who founded the program while scientifically Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was the founder of nuclear program of Pakistan. Dr Pirzada explained that US is not treating India and Pakistan on equal basis for nuclear supplier Group membership although both countries are not signatories of Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Dr Pirzada said that Western world started propagating against Pakistan that its nuclear program is not safe. There is sectarian violence in the country and this Islamic bomb can fall into wrong hands. Dr Pirzada also highlighted that few people who are in minority in the country are against Pakistan’s nuclear disclosures and they think that just like Israel Pakistan should have kept this secret. Dr Pirzada said that it was necessary for Pakistan to conduct these tests to maintain balance of power in the region. According to Dr Abdul qadeer khan Pakistan got this nuclear technology in 1980s but then President Gen Zia ul Haq stopped the experts to conduct nuclear test as Pakistan was fighting during soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Another importance issue circulating in the media from few days was also discussed in the program. It was the proposed women protection bill by Islamic Ideology Council. Most criticized point in that proposal was that husbands were allowed to slightly beat their wives in case they don’t obey husbands. Dr Pirzada also conveyed his sincere wishes for health of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister’s open heart surgery was scheduled in London after few days.