Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Youm e Takbir 28 MAY 1998 !!!

On the occasion of Youm e Takbir, Dr. Moeed Pirzada invited a renowned scientist Dr. Samar Mubarakmand in his show in the second part of the show.
Dr. Samar expressed the challenges after India declared itself Nuclear State. The rhetoric of India towards Pakistan was very hard and it pressurized Pakistan to test its nuclear weapon. It became necessary to keep the balance of power in the region.
Dr. Pirzada said that many scholar and analysts think that Pakistan should have kept itself covert nuclear power and what has it given to Pakistan. Dr. Samar responded that Israel became covert nuclear power in 1966 with the help of USA but our case is different. India was threatening Pakistan time to time. In 1999 kargil issue erupted, in 2001 after Delhi parliament attack Indian forces were positioned on boarders, in 2008 Mumbai attacks again sparked tensions between India and Pakistan but due the strength of Pakistan, not even a single Indian soldier crossed the border to attack Pakistan. It gained much respect worldwide and have recognized indirectly.
Dr. Samar also elaborated the strength of Pakistan tactical weapons which were designed to tackle India’s Cold Start Doctrine. Short range tactical weapon Nasr is capable of nuclear warheads was developed with one year which has ability to reach its target within five minutes.
Dr. Samar also told that NSG members take unanimous decisions and if India will be included in it, India could go against any favorable decision for Pakistan.