An Exclusive Talk With Sheikh Rasheed in Tonight With Moeed Pirzada !!!

The Parliamentarian and ex federal minister for railways, the Awami league chief Mr. Sheikh Rasheed expressed his views on the global Panama disclosures and the rapidly developing stances of the political spectrum.
Mr.Rasheed said that in the light of recent events, according to his sources, Miss Kulsoom Nawaz, the wife of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif might be appointed the caretaking Prime Minister under a constitutional act.
In this special interview he also said that Hamza Shehbaz and Shehbaz Sharif’s persistent silences on the whole fiasco are indications of the fact that they have not been considered for Prime Minister-ship. He said that if proper judicial inquiries are not carried out then there is a risk of general unrest and probable hostility. Mr Rasheed said that these events are leading to the seclusion of the army, the country has been infested with thieves and they’re adamant on their felonies. On the other hand the United States of America and India are signing agreements after the result of which the US would be able to occupy Indian soil, which would be dangerous to the Pak-China economic corridor.
On the probable coalition between PPP and PML (N) he said that this coalition was only possible if the government agreed to five conditions:
1. The withdrawal of Rangers and the FIA from Karachi
2. The release of Doctor Asim
3. The closure of corruption cases in NAB and FBR
4. The guarantee of a free pass in case Mr.Zardari enters Pakistan
He also said that Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan ought to act according to his stature and age for once and stand on firm moral grounds in this crisis
Mr.Rasheed was of the opinion that the only solstice for Mr.Sharif was in the case that he makes sure the assemblage of a judicial commission which should investigate this matter thoroughly.
The Awami league chief said that the military does not want to intervene in this messy affair and it is the military’s utmost desire that this matter be resolved via the Supreme Court. In the case that the judgement does not come in favor of the Prime minster, he will have to go home before sunset.
Mr. Rasheed also expressed his anger on the fact that his microphone is shut out purposely in the Parliament and his speeches are not broadcasted on national television. Hence he does not have any other choice but to take to the streets.