Moeed Pirzada & Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Interview was recorded in Feb 2013 when President of Palestine was on a visit to Pakistan. He said that Pakistan and Palestine have long historical relations and Palestine wanted to grow those relations. He said that Palestine is a recognized as a state although most of its territory is declared occupied by Israel. He praised role of Pakistan in order to help getting membership and asking other countries to vote for Palestine to become member in United Nations.

President discusses conflict on Palestine and Israel, its history and future recommendations to solve this problem. He says that current Isareli government doesn’t  want peace in the region.

He criticized Hamas Organization to make a separate government in Palestine. He said that government believes in democracy and want Hamas to go for elections so far they are reluctant and not willing to go for elections. He tells that one state is not solution to Palestine problems but they want two states which is the only solution to this conflict as Palestinians want their own state.