Jahangir Khan Tareen : PTI Vs PML(N) Policies

Dr Moeed Pirzada critically discussed and raised important questions in front of Jahangir Khan Tareen as how you will differentiate the implementation of policies in KPK, keeping in view the current situation of Punjab under the leadership of PML-N Government.  Jahangir Khan Tareen said that PML-N main focus is on projects which involve Constructional development and no attention is being given on Education, Structural and Policy Reforms while in KPK Police and Land Record has Re-visioned and nepotism is rooted out. KPK government is focused on Education and Health reforms as to give better services to its people. He said that under the leadership of Imran Khan we all  are focused to give our 100%. He also appreciated Imran Khan wo had introduced a new political culture in the country in order to involve youth and women in active politics.