Tonight With Moeed Pirzada & Syed Munawar Hassan (JI)

Dr Moeed pirzada raised question that why jamat Islami losing its popularity which was once a popular political Islamic party and even other Islamic movements in the world took inspirations from Jamat Islami . Dr Pirzada asked that why party didn’t perform well in elections 2013. Answering this questions Syed Munawar Hassan pointed out role of agencies in Elections 2013.

In an exclusive talk interview with Jamat islami former Ameer Munawar Hassan discussed role of agencies during elections in PAKISTAN. He said not only Jamat islami but all parties even winning parties also pointed out rigging in elections 2013 all over the country. He said that media also has proofs and it will be unveiled after few years. Jamat Islami’s role, importance, future and relevance in Pakistan’s politics were discussed in the interview.