Dear Dr. Saheb

I was watching your interview with rtd General Musharaf today and fully agree with his comment regarding the recent wave of terrorism and that it is fully connected with Pakistan’s attempt to bring back international cricket to Pakistan. Having a very short memory, We don’t learn from history. Not many years ago, there was an attack on Sri-Lanka team, there were 3 Pakistani players caught in match fixing scandal depriving Pakistan of some of the best players at that time hurting our team’s performance in the world cup. What did the government do about it. NOTHING. Today, after almost 8 years, we have a repeat of same events in a similar pattern. Terrorist attach, cricket event being held in Lahore and bookies from India getting involved with our players. Unfortunately, some learned and bright minds in Pakistan will discount as “conspiracy theory”. The bookies were arrested in London, should’nt Pakistan had involved ICC into this involvement then. And what about now ? A few press releases by our high (in) “competent” cricket official this whole issue will be swept under the carpet and life carries on.

It is time the cricket officials and Pakistan foreign office (if one exists) should take this up with ICC and demand a full investigation and reach to those who perpetrated this evidence. We may never, find the link to Bharati Agencies as they are very good at covering their tracks, but at least they know that, some one coming after them and that it might also have consequences that may become detrimental to Bharati cricket. On the home front it seems no body briefed the players of the bookies-Raw nexus that are bent on destroying Pakistani cricket. Our knuckle head cricket officials should have pro-actively dealt with such possibility and educated the players before hand.

In summary, all of the above reflects a utter failure of Pakistani cricket and government officials to foresee things and take preventive action to preempt such from happening.

You can publish this or refer to it without mentioning my name.

Tanweer Abbas