Moeed Pirzada |

Why attack a Naval Base in Karachi? Who could do it?… because “someone” is trying to send the message to the whole world that Pakistani military’s claim that its garrisons and installations are safe is not true…if Orion and P3 Planes can be targeted then what is left? ….there is no logic in destroying these planes, this is a message, the attack will be easily blamed on “Al Qaeda” or Jihadis and those arrested will never be able to tell who controls them… but I think Pakistani military needs to revise its SOP’s to protect its assets and installations…this attack is part of “Strategic Mindset” that is working to encircle Pakistan… and again and again, our incompetency is letting them establish their case…that Pakistani military is not competent enough to safeguard its assets.. but please don’t waste your energies on Al Qaeda or TTP or Jihadis, some shit will accept responsibility but all these organizations have been penetrated by certain intelligence agencies and now these so-called “Jihadi” or Jihadi looking assets are being used by those intelligence agencies…we need to be clear as to who is doing it? as long as we keep on wasting our time and attention on Jihadis, or sectarian issues or militants we won’t be able to develop a response.

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We politely need to send our “friends” back, and then deal with the local Pakistani assets they have created on the ground…they are doing it, and no one else is doing it, they will accuse us of denials and conspiracy theories but let’s be clear once and ever it is a “Strategic mindset” that is trying to establish a case… we have been nice and tolerant.


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