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ZAHRA AAPA MURDER : – I have not seen full details but to say that Pakistan Security Agency has confirmed that she was killed by MQM people is very suspicious.

First such black & white confirmations are difficult in best of circumstances, and are extremely rare in Pakistan; I wonder if any such previous confirmation was made in a murder case linking it with a political party. But leave all these questions aside, one can wonder that why this “Confirmation” is coming at this stage when in PTI Jalsa in Karachi, Imran Khan was prudent and cautious not to blame MQM for Zahra’s murder and even for rigging in Karachi. It was obvious that he had learnt his lessons well and was not prepared to offend MQM at a time when he needed to focus his energies elsewhere. Now this Confirmation will force many PTI people to take positions against MQM; so who could be behind this “Confirmation by Pakistani Security Forces” at this stage?